Mike Pecci

Photography and Filmmaking
United States
ColorEdge CG318-4K
ColorEdge CG277

With over 13 years of experience, Mike Pecci has cemented a name for himself not only as a photographer and music video director, but as an abstractly edgy filmmaker who is undeniably devoted to the art of storytelling. His characters are the faces of his work – passionate, emotional, and distorted stories are the basis for some of Mike's most well received films. His min-doc's have a way of getting to the heart of any subject, and spark the fascination of viewers of all ages.

Mike currently works at his production company McFarland & Pecci. The company has created award winning documentaries and short films that have screened in film festivals and have been picked up for major distribution worldwide. They have produced and directed music videos for multiple Grammy Nominated International acts, directed national campaigns, and developed corporate projects for various companies and markets.


McFarland & Pecci’s director Mike Pecci talks about having a correctly calibrated monitor for both his photography and films. He discusses the benefits and needs of a modern day colorist.

Mike Pecci shows us how using a color wheel and a color-calibrated monitor can drastically make your photographer better.

An in-depth look at an adventure in science and micro-photography. Watch how director Mike Pecci and bio-chemist Linden Gledhill created the FX for the sci-fi horror film “12 Kilometers”.