Morten Hilmer

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 Wildlife Photography
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Wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer was a member of Sirius Sled Patrol, Denmark’s elite navy dog sled unit that patrols the coast of Northeast Greenland National Park. The special Arctic training made it possible for Morten to work with his camera in these extreme condition for long periods which has resulted in unique photos.

Morten is a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and he always pays careful attention to the welfare of his wild subjects. His photos have been awarded in some of the wolds most prestigious competitions including the European Wildlife Photographer of the year and the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year.

“I find silence and serenity in myself when I spend time in nature and feel its authenticity. When the blizzard is raging, when the rain and the wind make animals and people seek shelter, or when night descends over the forest. For me it’s not only about getting the perfect picture of an animal or a bird, but more about capturing the uniquely intense mood or feeling that I only experience in wild nature.”