Paolo Baccolo

Photography and Filmmaking
Website (Italian)
ColorEdge CG318-4K

Paolo Baccolo is a photographer and filmmaker based in Milano. He alternates his professional activity between education, consulting, and video production. He is a digital native, ever passionate about pixels, technology, and visual images.

From his perspective, there’s no difference between video or photography, dynamic or still images. It’s all about pixels, digital information; sequences of 0/1 that impress a sensor, our eyes, and of course our emotions. His aim is to obtain the very best from each and every dot in a picture, whether it be while shooting or during the post-production process.

For almost ten years, he has been working with the most prominent companies in the digital image world. He often works in the television world to help broadcasters (such as FOX, Disney, MTV) to improve and innovate their workflows. He is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor in Adobe Premiere Pro.