Environmental Management System

After establishing an environmental management system under our Environmental Policy, we obtained ISO 14001 certification in July 1998, and have maintained it. Business activities integrated with environmental protection are expected to enhance environmental performance in business activities. We therefore implement efforts for environmental protection related to senior management’s business management policies and strategies under the direction and supervision of the Operating Officer of environmental management consistent with ISO14001:2015. In order to promote these activities in EIZO Corporation, the General Affairs Department manages energy, chemicals, waste, etc. in the facilities and equipment for corporate activities, and the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Department manages and promotes the development of environmentally-conscious products through information gathering from all over the world.


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Activities under the Environmental Management System

We continued to undertake many tasks for meeting our environmental targets for fiscal 2014 that would achieve results in product specifications. We also sought to accomplish these tasks and targets by sharing them with in-house organizations, including the design and development departments. We successfully reduced power consumption during suspension and use, exercised stricter control over chemical substances used in parts, and manufactured products that meet advanced environmental standards.

Environmental Management System Audits

Our ISO 14001 certification was maintained and updated in fiscal 2014 after a third-party institution conducted an external audit.


ISO 14001 certification

EIZO Corporation ISO14001 Certification Scope