EIZO to Showcase Security & Surveillance Monitors and Sneak Preview of Upcoming Imaging Solutions at Security Essen 2018

EIZO will be exhibiting its current line of monitors for security & surveillance at Security Essen 2018 in  Germany. Also demonstrated at the EIZO booth will be a sneak preview of new imaging solutions which expands the product lineup.


security essen 2018

Security Essen 2018
Date: September 25 - 28, 2018
Location: Messe Essen, Germany
Booth: 5H08

IP Decoding Monitors

EIZO will be demonstrating its IP decoding monitors DuraVision FDF2304W-IP (23") and FDF4627W-IP (46"). With hassle-free installation, efficient video management, and exceptional visibility and performance, these monitors are built specifically for IP security connection and management.

IP Decoding Monitors

EIZO works with security & surveillance industry leaders to ensure technical compatibility and functional support with various VMS. Visit the EIZO booth to see a demonstration of VMS integration with our IP decoding monitors and Genetec Security Center.

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Slim-Bezel Multi-Monitor Configuration

Come see how the ultra-slim bezels of EIZO's FlexScan EV monitors are perfect for reducing eye movement across screens and improving the overall footprint and aesthetic in a multi-monitor environment. Our experts on site can introduce you to a range of product sizes and feature sets to suit individual installation needs.

Slim-Bezel Multi-Monitor Configuration

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Imaging Solutions

For the first time in EIZO's booth will be the demonstration of two new solutions that expand the lineup to cover the imaging process from video capture to display. First, come see EIZO's upcoming ultra-high sensitivity video camera. This camera ensures clear visibility in dark environments where the human eye is unable to distinguish surroundings. Also at the booth will be EIZO's own IP decoder box which allows the decoding of incoming streams from IP devices. This ensures images are displayed with no delay and are true to the original source data.


We look forward to seeing you!

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