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Third-Party Certifications ―
A Consideration When Choosing a Monitor for Creative Work

An important but often overlooked way that people working in graphics-related fields can evaluate the suitability of a monitor for color-critical work is if it has independent third-party certification. We will take a look at three internationally-recognized certifications – TUV Rheinland Color Accuracy, FograCert Softproof Monitor, and Idealliance Soft Proofing Display & System.

TUV Rheinland Color Accuracy measures the quality of the color reproduction of a monitor for use in printing, professional photography, design, and post production. EIZO was the first manufacturer to obtain this certification.

FograCert Softproof Monitor was developed by Fogra, the German graphic arts research association. A FograCert Softproof Monitor is part of a FograCert Softproofing System that specifies requirements for a complete softproofing system for achieving a high-quality visual match between a monitor and a printed reference.

Idealliance's Soft Proofing Display & System Certification tests whether a monitor's image accurately simulates the appearance of a hard copy proof calibrated to a specific reference point. EIZO was the first manufacturer to obtain this updated certification.

The following EIZO ColorEdge color management monitors have been obtained one or more of these certifications.



TUV Rheinland




TUV Rheinland




TUV Rheinland


Idealliance Soft Proofing Display & System Certification



TUV Rheinland




TUV Rheinland




The requirements of these certifications and how the above ColorEdge CG monitors fulfill them are as follows.

TÜV Color Accuracy Requirements

  1. Accurate color display of sRGB and Adobe RGB preset modes
  2. Color stability when the monitor is in use
  3. Brightness and color uniformity
  4. Minimal color shift when viewed from an angle

If the monitor meets the requirements for stable color shortly after being powered on, then it is also designated with the grade “Quick Stability.”

Testing Criteria for FograCert Softproof Monitor

  1. Viewing angle (Viewing cone characteristics)
    Viewing cone characteristics are evaluated by hue, chroma, lightness, and gradation (gamma stability) properties.
  2. Uniformity (homogeneity)
    Evaluated by 25 patches (5 by 5) across the screen
  3. Warm-up behavior

Testing Criteria for Idealliance Soft Proofing Display & System Certification

  1. Calibration stability
  2. Normal and angular contrast uniformity
  3. RGB and CMYK patch variation

Why ColorEdge Monitors Meet the Certification Requirements

•    Minimal Delta-E deviation between display of sRGB and Adobe preset modes and sRGB and Adobe ICC profiles.

•    High-precision calibration using the bundled ColorNavigator color management software ensures accurate color display.

•    Most ColorEdge CG Series monitors take just three minutes for the brightness, color, and grayscale characteristics to stabilize.The CG277 requires just seven minutes.

•    EIZO’s patented Digital Uniformity Equalizer technology counterbalances fluctuations in brightness and chroma across the screen.

•    IPS panel minimizes color shift when viewed from an angle.

By using a monitor certified for color accuracy and soft proofing, creatives can trust that they are working with accurate, stable, and uniform color display.


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Interview with Junro Yonemitsu, manager of R&D, Visual Products (Application) EIZO Corporation, about obtaining Color Accuracy certification.