Christin Necker

Timelapse, FPV, and Aerial Photography
ColorEdge CG319X

Christin is a professional photographer and filmmaker on a lifelong mission to inspire her viewers through the power of visual storytelling. Professionally, her areas of expertise include timelapse, hyperlapse, dronevideography, as well as exploring mountains and landscapes, capturing the beauty, strength, and style of existence. Her works have been shown on national and international television.

Christin draws from her talent, experiences, and wealth of knowledge from studying motion graphic design to create aesthetically-pleasing works of art. Moreover, she enjoys doing all the technical work required during and after shooting. Whenever she picks up a camera, there’s no limit to her flair. One of the biggest highlights of her career was winning first prize as best timelapse at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Ultimately, Christin craves to use photography and videography to absorb, empower, and educate people through print and digital media but in her spare time she enjoys flying drones and trading online.