Greg Moment

Wedding Photography
ColorEdge CG2420

Greg Moment was named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by Just Married, Wedding Photographer of the Year by MPIO (Master Photographers International Organization) and Photographer of the Year in the Creative Portrait category by MPA (Master Photographers Association). Having received numerous awards for his work, Greg has been supporting other wedding photographers through comprehensive photography workshops, including School of Image and Nikon School. As an Ambassador for EIZO, Phottix Professional Photo Accessories, Wacom Creatives Europe, Phase One and Dedolight and a member of Phottix Pro Team, he has had access to the best equipment and knowledge. His photographs were published in many magazines for women and he has appeared in several TV programs dedicated to the latest trends in wedding photography.

He’s also the founder of Magic Lens Awards and the author of books titled “Wedding Photographer Bible” and “Newborn Photography from A to Z - Compendium of Knowledge”. He has worked in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, USA, France, Slovakia, Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Ireland, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Mauritius, Mozambique and the Maldives.


Experience what wedding photography is all about with Greg Moment in this beautiful video created by Sergio Duarte.

Case Study

“I chose EIZO, not only because of its quality, but because of the people who make this company what it is. Without the human factor, technology is empty.”

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