Jacob Maymudes

Visual Effects
United States
ColorEdge CG319X

Jacob Maymudes is a career visual effects artist and supervisor. He founded Wylie Visual Effects in 2015, at its inception the company was named Rebellion and in 2019 the company name was changed to Wylie VFX.

In 2015, Jacob set his focus on feature film & television visual effects. He was offered the role of client side VFX supervisor on Airplane Mode and Wylie VFX took on the 500 vfx shots needed for film. Since 2015 Wylie VFX has created visual effects for some of the largest films in Hollywood; Everest, All I See Is You, Sky Hunter, Airplane Mode, Terminator: Dark Fate, Beastie Boys Story, Music, Dune and The Stand TV Series make up some of their recent credit list.


Wylie VFX founder Jake Maymudes and Academy Award winning VFX supervisor Eric Barba take a deep dive into the VFX of Terminator: Dark Fate.