Jeff Rojas

Portrait and Fashion Photography
United States
ColorEdge CG318-4K
ColorEdge CG2420

Jeff Rojas is an American Photographer based in New York City. His primary body of work includes Portrait and Fashion Photography, although he’s directed misc. fashion films and commercials. Rojas also frequents as a photography instructor and has taught on various photographic platforms including: CreativeLIVE, WPPI, PhotoPlus Expo, Gulf Photo Plus and APA.


Jeff Rojas introduces the ColorEdge CG2420 in this in-depth product review.

Learning how to manage color doesn't have to be difficult. Jeff Rojas introduces the basics for the photography workflow in this brief series.

Case Study

“My first monitor is the ColorEdge CG318-4K, which is the staple piece at my desk at home. My second monitor is a CG2420, which is my go-to studio monitor. It's light, it's portable and it gets the job done – it’s a workhorse.”

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