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Photo by Monika Navrátilová

Lenka Hatašová

Portrait Photography
Czech Republic
ColorEdge CG279X

Lenka Hatašová is a portrait photographer whose work focuses on the personalities of Czech culture, politics, and sports. She devoted her professional beginnings as a documentarian - walking with her camera through the battlefields of the Balkans and also the tennis courts of the famous Grand Slam. For more than a decade she has devoted herself exclusively to portraiture, with her works found in advertisements, media, music label covers, and book titles. As a Nikon brand ambassador, she presented her collection of fifty-five portraits of personalities, title “In a Different Light”, which travels through Czech galleries as well as the project “From Cleft to Smile”. Her photographs are characterized by the concept of light and shadow and as such, she calls her style “painting with light”.

Case Study

“The fact that the calibration probe spared me of the challenge of configuring the profiles myself was an enormous sigh of relief and saved me plenty of time I could invest into my own work.”

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