Little Shao

Urban and Dance Photography
ColorEdge CG319X

Little Shao is a photographer based in Paris, France who spends most of his time traveling the world to document and highlight the hip hop and dance culture scene since 2004. He started out as a b-boy (breakdancing) in 1997 and decided to show his own vision of the scene and introduce people across the world to the culture in hopes of fostering the same respect and passion for breaking that he did. His goal was to make breaking visuals better than anything else that had been done before and take dance photography to the next level. He became an internationally renowned culture and dance photographer.

All his efforts led him to gain the attention from a very large and transversal audience from the hip hop community to the photography community, even reaching renowned brands and companies, the music industry, celebrities, the sports industry, and advertisers. He is also a Nikon and Profoto ambassador and has been a part of the Red Bull Photography team for almost 10 years where he is able to share how he works, inspire people, and help others who are willing to learn and develop skills in photography.