Steven Massart

Architecture Photography
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Steven Massart is a Belgium-based freelance photographer. After working several years as an all-around photographer, architecture and interior design photography became his specialization and passion. Architecture and interior design photography is about projects that have been built for people who use it on a daily basis. It all has to do with space and the suggestion of it. Steven Massart’s work for architects, interior designers, constructors, home decorators, etc. brings him all over the country and into a lot of different situations. While he has a particular interest in architecture, trips with Belgian architects also bring him all over Europe from Oslo to Porto to visit and shoot remarkable projects.

In 2012, Steven reached his QEP-label (Qualified European Photographer, a qualification of the Federation of European Photographers that aims to recognize and award excellence in photography) in architecture photography. In 2017, he was awarded a Master QEP label. He also was a finalist at the Photographic World Cup 2017 and received several honourable mentions in contests such as the Black and White Spider Awards and the Colour Awards.