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Ulla Lohmann

Expedition and Travel Photography

Ulla, a studied geographer and journalist, dreamt of sharing her stories through photographs since she got her first camera at eight years old. Today, Ulla has photographed and published images for National Geographic, GEO, BBC, Stern View, VSD, Science, New York Times, and many others. Her documentary films have been broadcasted by multiple television channels. Ulla specializes in photography of volcanos and indigenous peoples. "Ever since I saw a volcano for the very first time, all I’ve wanted to do was to go down – all the way down into the crater and be as close as possible to the boiling lava lake.” A goal which Ulla has achieved multiple times meanwhile. Ulla built close relationships to indigenous tribes in Papua New Guinea and was invited to document the mummification of the chief Gemtasu. In addition Ulla gives multiple seminars, workshops and speeches in Germany.

Case Study

“It's mad to see the the colors that are now present in my photos. The saturated red tones of my volcanic photos, for example, have suddenly taken on a whole new level of intensity.”

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