Vincent Munier

Wildlife Photography
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Vincent Munier lives in the Vosges (France), where he was born and raised. A nature lover and adventurer, he chose photography in order to express his dreams, emotions and encounters. Three times, he won a special prize at the international contest BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Inspired by Japanese photographers and painters, he loves minimalist art: “As a man of image, I try to materialize a poetic intuition of reality and to share it.” For Vincent, going on trips alone with full autonomy, even in the Arctic, is a quest for solitude. But as he witnesses the rapid changes that man imposes on wildlife, his goal is also to try and reduce the gap between man and nature: to pass on his passion for nature to the young generations, and give them the desire to protect it. His photographs are shown in art galleries in France, Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain. He is the author of several books, published in different languages, and the founder of Kobalann Publishing (