Master every detail. The 4K monitor that gives you every detail with exceptional color accuracy.

4K UHD(3840 × 2160) 23.8" (60 cm) Hardware Calibration LCD Monitor ColorEdge CG248-4K

ColorEdge CG248-4K

The Highest Pixel Density Yet
for the Smoothest Image Display


With the highest pixel density yet in our ColorEdge lineup at an astonishing 185 ppi, 4K image display has never been so smooth. Now you can enjoy the exceptional detail in high-resolution photographs that cannot be reproduced with a standard monitor. Alphanumeric characters and contours are also distinguished with excellent sharpness for the printing workflow.

The 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) screen (3840 × 2160) is four times the size of full HD (1920 × 1080), making it ideal for high-resolution photography or as a reference monitor for 4K video creation.

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Faithful Color Reproduction
for Any Creative Workflow


Reproduce the sky blues and lush greens that standard sRGB monitors cannot with the monitor's 99% Adobe RGB coverage. Images shot in RAW can be converted to Adobe RGB or images shot in Adobe RGB will be displayed correctly. The wide color gamut covers 100% of the Rec. 709, EBU, and SMPTE-C standards as well as 77% of Rec. 2020 and 93% of the DCI used in post production.

Whether you are working with photo, video, or print, this monitor ensures faithful color reproduction for a multitude of creative industries.

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Standard sRGB monitor | CG248-4K

Built-In Calibration Sensor
for Efficient Color Management

Automate your calibration with the built-in calibration sensor that eliminates the time and effort of an external calibration device. With the dedicated ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX software, you can schedule the monitor to self-calibrate at specific times so you can always be sure that images are displayed with exceptional color accuracy. The monitor will stick to its preset schedule even if it is switched off or not connected to a computer.

Calibration Sensor

ColorEdge CG248-4K

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ColorEdge CG248-4K

ColorEdge CG248-4K

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