Flexible Viewing

Our monitors come with various preset modes to help you quickly change screen settings to suit your application. Change to Web/sRGB mode to surf the internet and see colors accurately represented. Change to Paper Mode to view documents to save your eyes from the tiring effects of blue light. And if our full range of modes isn't satisfying, you can make your own personal user settings to suit your personal preferences, applications or needs. No more spending time fiddling with settings, simply change the mode and all the settings are changed automatically.

Improved Usability

G-Ignition Mobile is a free app that lets you use your smartphone like a remote control to adjust the monitor's settings. In addition, this app accesses EIZO's free G-Ignition Drive cloud service for uploading and sharing your own monitor settings and downloading presets from other gamers.

Furthermore, you can connect your phone to your monitor so that whenever you receive a call, email, or other communication on your smartphone, G-Ignition Mobile will post a notification icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

If you prefer, colorful and animated POP-UPs of PAC-MAN and other classic characters from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. are available for download. Now you can watch with your headphones on without worrying if you can hear your smartphone's ringtone.

G-Ignition is available on iTunes and Google Play.

*G-Ignition Mobile support has ended. See here for more details.

*Updating to G-Ignition Mobile Ver. 1.4.0 on Android will remove the ability to purchase POP-UP notification characters from the Google Play Store. Previously purchased POP-UP characters can continue to be used unaffected.

Style and Comfort

EIZO creates the perfect balance between style and comfort. With unique ergonomic features such as flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels, and a highly flexible stand, you can view for hours without your eyes or body tiring.