144 Hz and AMD FreeSync

The FORIS FS2735 supports AMD FreeSync up to 144 Hz for game play free of motion blur and screen tearing. In addition, FreeSync is supported in low and high refresh rate ranges. The low range offers support for 35 - 90 Hz and the high range from 56 - 144Hz up to the native resolution of 2560 x 1440.

See More with Smart Insight Demolition

Smart Insight Demolition improves the visibility of your game by automatically adjusting brightness, color saturation and resolution as you play. Dark areas are lightened, light areas are darkened and low-resolution areas are focused. But unlike other monitors that change the settings of the entire screen, EIZO's Smart Insight changes the picture pixel by pixel, making sure that only the areas that need to be changed are changed. This ensures that when light and shadow exist in the same image, the light won't be brightened and the shadow won't be darkened.
Smart Insight with the FORIS FS2434 improves visibility in dark areas only.

Share Profiles on the Cloud

Once you have adjusted your FORIS monitor to your ideal settings, you can share them with other gamers by exporting them to EIZO's G-Ignition Drive cloud. You can also import profiles from professionals and other gamers.

Improved Usability

G-Ignition Mobile is a free app that lets you use your smartphone like a remote control to adjust the monitor's settings. In addition, this app accesses EIZO's free G-Ignition Drive cloud service for uploading and sharing your own monitor settings and downloading presets from other gamers.

Stay Updated

Whenever you receive a call, email, or other communication on your smartphone, G-Ignition Mobile will post a notification icon in the lower right corner of your screen.  If you prefer, colorful and animated POP-UPs of PAC-MAN and other classic characters from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. are available for download. Now you can watch with your headphones on without worrying if you can hear your smartphone's ringtone.

Play in Style and Comfort

EIZO creates the perfect balance between style and comfort. With unique ergonomic features such as flicker-free viewing at all brightness levels, and a highly flexible stand, you can play for hours without your eyes or body tiring. Additionally, with our super-slim bezels, you can play on a multiple-monitor setup without large distracting lines in between the monitors.

All-in-One Connection

Our range of FORIS monitors have all the possible connections you could need. Connect several devices to the one screen to save space, time and effort. Connect several console games, a PC, and even peripherals like speakers. Furthermore, you can use your smartphone like a remote control to make changing inputs, brightness, color mode and even volume easy through G-Ignition mobile. 

EIZO Gaming Site

For more information about our gaming monitors, G-Ignition software and where to buy please visit our gaming site: gaming.eizo.com

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