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Each modality varies in its display of medical images with regards to size and information volume. The RadiForce G&R-Series offers monitors that come in a range of resolutions for displaying images appropriate for each modality.

Compatibility Testing for Effortless Installation

EIZO, in collaboration with business partners, verifies the compatibility of healthcare workstations (WS) / desktop PCs with EIZO monitors. With our years of experience and know-how, we undertake professional testing on new WSs and PCs as soon as they're released. In the healthcare field where reliability is everything, EIZO is providing the assurance needed for effortless installation.

We verify aspects such as:

  • Stable operation with WS/PCs
  • Image quality that can display DICOM medical images

List of Compatible Products


Multi-Modality Readiness

With advances in medical imaging technology over the years, hospitals are now handling a wider variety and larger volume of image data. As a result, it is increasingly common for medical facilities to use a mix of different monitors to interpret images. EIZO's RadiForce Multi-Series allows a variety of images to be displayed on a single screen with accuracy.

Conveniently View Images Side-by-Side

RadiForce multi-modality monitors allow you to view images side by side without the obtrusive bezels typically found in a multi-monitor setup. This prevents the eye from being disrupted when moving between two screens for reader efficiency.

Simple Quality Control

Managing a large number of monitors in hospitals calls for a lot of effort. RadiNET Pro Web Hosting provides an EIZO-hosted web server which allows the central management of all connected monitors for peace of mind.

Transform Your Reading Experience

Due to digitization and improved efficiency of medical imaging devices (modalities), radiologists have experienced an overall increase in the demand for medical image reading. EIZO developed its unique Work-and-Flow function to ease the workload with a solution that addresses workflow efficiency.

With just a slight move of the cursor you can view the examination list only as needed - hiding the list while not in use. Additionally, to facilitate a smooth workflow and make the reading room more comfortable, only one mouse and keyboard is required to operate multiple monitors.

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