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10-bit Display Method with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and Graphics Board Compatibility

1. Outline

This information explains the 10-bit display method using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and graphics boards (NVIDIA Quadro, AMD (ATI) FirePro/FireGL) that support 10-bit display on Windows 8.1 environment.

Please refer to the following for the display method and compatibility information for previous versions of Photoshop.

2. 10-bit display method using Photoshop CC 2014

2.1 Setting the graphics driver for NVIDIA Quadro

Setting up by the NVIDIA control panel is unnecessary because Photoshop CS6 or later supports the 10-bit display.

2.2 Setting the graphics driver for AMD (ATI) FirePro/FireGL

1. Right-click on the desktop and choose [AMD FirePro Control Center].



2. Choose [AMD-FirePro]-[AMD FirePro Settings] and check [Enable 10-bit pixel format support].


2.3  Setting Photoshop CC 2014

1. Choose [Edit]-[Preferences]-[Performance] and click the [Advanced Settings] button in “Graphics Processor Settings”.



2. Then the “Advanced Graphics Processor Settings" menu opens. Choose [Normal] or [Advanced] in the “Drawing Mode” menu and check [30 Bit Display].


3. Compatibility information

10-bit display is available in the following combinations of monitors and graphics boards.



CG318-4K (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG303W (SingleLink/10bit*)

CG301W (SingleLink/10bit*)

CG277 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG276 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG275W (DisplayPort/10bit, SingleLink/10bit*)

CG248-4K (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG247 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG246 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CG245W (DisplayPort/10bit)


CG223W (DisplayPort/10bit)

CX271 (DisplayPort/10bit)


CX241 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CX240 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CS270 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CS240 (DisplayPort/10bit)

CS230 (DisplayPort/10bit)

SX2762W(DisplayPort/10bit, SingleLink/10bit*)

SX2462W (DisplayPort/10bit)

SX2262W (DisplayPort/10bit)

Graphics Boards


  • NVIDIA Quadro K6000/ K5000/ K4000/ K2000/ K600/ 6000/ 5000/ 4000/ 2000/ 600/ 410
  • AMD(ATI) FirePro W9100/ S9000/ W8000/ W7000/ W5000/ W5000 DVI*/ W600/ V7900/ V5900/ V5800/ V5800 DVI*/ V4900/ V3900/ V8800/ V8750/V8700/ V7800/ V7750/ V5800/ V5700/ V4800/ V3800/ V3750/ V3700
  • AMD FireGL V8650/ V8600/ V7700/ V7600/ V5600/ V3600

(As of May, 2015)


CC 2014


Windows 8.1

Connection DisplayPort (*:DualLink DVI)

 * With NVIDIA Quadro series, 10-bit display is available only in a DisplayPort connection.

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