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Marcin Dobas

Landscape and Wildlife Photography
ColorEdge CG248-4K

Marcin Dobas is a photographer for National Geographic Poland and a member of the international Olympus Visionaries team. He specializes in wildlife, wilderness landscapes, and underwater photography. He has a degree in Geology and works as a mountain rescuer and tour leader. Pictures taken during his travels are regularly published around the world in magazines, books, and calendars. Many of them won awards in prestigious, international photography contests.

Marcin spent lot of time in distant places such as Svalbard, New Zealand, Norway, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Morocco, and Egypt, concentrating on photographing their wildlife. He runs photography workshops in Poland, Iceland, Nepal, India, Svalbard, and Greenland. In 2015, National Geographic Poland published his book titled “Fotowyprawy czyli 9 opowieści o fotografii” (“Photo Expeditions - 9 Stories about Photography”).

Case Study

“I’m convinced that if I hadn’t used such a good monitor, the photographs printed in my book would have turned out completely different and I wouldn’t necessarily be happy with them.”

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ColorEdge Ambassador Marcin Dobas, a landscape and wildlife photographer from Poland, talks about the importance of using ColorEdge for reliable, color-accurate photographs.