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Saeed Al Ameri

Fine Art Portrait and Nature Photography, Retouching, and Printing
United Arab Emirates
ColorEdge CG2700X

Saeed has dedicated his life to expressing his ideas and observations. His journey in art began at the age of 10 with painting. Fast forward to 2005, during his studies in the United Kingdom, when photography was a hobby that kept him busy with exploration, he was praised by a professional photographer and this formed a strong motivation to take it to the next level and practice it professionally. To improve his artistic vision, he started observing classic art paintings and met world renowned artists and devoted much of his time in experimenting and mastering lighting techniques in addition to image developing skills on image editing software.

He has a number of published artworks, assisted many professional photographers and recently he started beauty photography professionally and conceptual photography for his private collection and exhibitions. He enjoys teaching and sharing information related to art and lighting techniques, Saeed conducts lighting techniques and image developing workshops.


Saeed Al Ameri talks about how classic paintings influence his photographic style and how ColorEdge serves the professional photographer.