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Tsutomu Kojima

ColorEdge CS2740

Tsutomu Kojima was born in 1968. In 1987, he began doing retouching work using a Scitex Prepress Workstation at Toppan Process Co., Ltd. Since 2000, he has been working as a printing director for art print production (“Primagraphie”) using inkjet printing.

He is engaged in printing for a variety of genres such as illustration, photography, and cultural assets. He has an established reputation in the photography industry and is often hand-selected by photographers for his high quality work. He has a deep understanding of paper and color management and is also active in sharing that knowledge and his passion for creation through various seminars and workshops.

Tsutomu Kojima’s first ColorEdge was a CG21 in 2004. Until then, it was common knowledge that the color on a monitor could not be trusted, but with ColorEdge and advancements in color management technology, Kojima can now focus on his work until he is satisfied. Currently he is using a ColorEdge CG318-4K along with his MacBook Pro 15”, Late 2016. ColorEdge supports his creativity and is a reliable partner in his workflow.

Case Study

“ColorEdge is a reliable partner that provides powerful support for my creativity.”

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Tsutomu Kojima gives his thoughts on the ColorEdge CG2700X monitor in this in-depth review.

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Saya is a virtual human created in 3DCG. Her creator TELYUKA, along with professional printer Tsutomu Kojima, have a roundtable discussion about the exhibit where her art was featured and the ColorEdge monitor used to create the piece.

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