White Paper



Technology for Improving Visibility - "Visibility Optimizer" and Its Effects [PDF]
This document explains how "Visibility Optimizer" improves video visibility in security and surveillance environments.



Seven Ergonomic Features of the FlexScan EV Series [PDF]

This document explains the ergonomic features of the latest FlexScan EV models that help to reduce eye fatigue.



Study to Demonstrate Efficacy of 8MP Color Display - Mammography [PDF]

This study demonstrates the efficiency of a single 8 megapixel RadiForce RX850 monitor compared to two dual 5 megapixel monitors for use in mammography.


Advantages of Anti Reflection (AR) treatment [PDF]

This document explains the advantages of AR coating on a monitor which minimizes reflections and improves contrast and sharpness in high-resolution images for the medical field.


“Turbo 240” to decrease motion blur [PDF]

EIZO's Turbo 240 provides fluid image display for gaming akin to a CRT by doubling the frames to 240 frames/second and blinking the backlight.


The Advantages of Medical LCD Monitors with LED Backlights [PDF]

This document explains the three advantages of medical image display monitors that utilize an LED backlight.


"Smart Insight" to improve visibility in dark areas [PDF]

This document explains "Smart Insight", a new function of EIZO monitors that improves visibility in dark areas.