Designed for Marine Vessels. These panel-mount monitors have a durable build for use in the engine rooms of marine vessles.



EIZO's line of DuraVision marine monitors ranges from 19 to 46 inches for meeting the various needs of the maritime market. A 46-inch screen provides ample space for viewing important nautical information from one or more bridge system applications in a single location.



Durable and Reliable

maritime_FDU2603W_FDS1904.jpgProviding ships and offshore structures with equipment that will continue to operate optimally even in harsh conditions is essential for maritime environments.  EIZO's marine monitors meet the conditions for temperature, humidity, and vibration as defined in the IEC 60945 international standard for maritime navigation and radio communication. They also carry an IP55 or IP65 rating to ensure they withstand dust ingress and are protected against low-pressure water jets.


Calibrated for ECDIS

calibrated.jpgMeeting the highly specialized calibration requirements of ECDIS requires a thorough understanding of color values. EIZO’s experience with delivering precise color calibration to high-end markets provides maritime with highly accurate ECDIS display. Backlight brightness, gamma, and RGB color settings are calibrated at the factory so each monitor achieves color reproduction appropriate for ECDIS. DuraVision maritime monitors meet IEC 61174, IEC 62288, and IEC 62388 international standards for ECDIS and RADAR applications.


To meet the requirements of different environments, both standard (mouse and keyboard input) and touch panel models are available in 19-inch or 26-inch. The touch panel models accept touch input from a bare hand or special stylus and supports multi-touch operation. They are also highly resistant to dust and water droplets to minimize unintended input for a reliable touch experience.

optical bonding

EIZO offers optional optical bonding for select marine monitors to provide exceptional visibility and increased durability. Optical bonding is produced in-house to meet the needs of specialty markets while ensuring the high quality of each monitor.



To learn more about optical bonding, click here.


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