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Security solutions and services are needed to protect people, communities, and businesses, as well as help keep day-to-day functions running smoothly. EIZO's security & surveillance solutions facilitate the visual monitoring of information to help ensure a secure environment and streamline operations.

IP Decoding Solutions

The Challenge

Conventional security solutions require numerous hardware, software, cabling, and other components, as well as a great deal of time and labor to install and maintain throughout the life of the system. Furthermore, the more components there are to a system, the more potential points of failure there are which could compromise the security of the area being monitored.

Our Solution
DuraVision IP Decoding Solution Benefits
  • PC-less connection for streamlined management and no software security concerns
  • Simplified installation with fewer cables and hardware throughout the infrastructure
  • Less equipment needed throughout the system, reducing maintenance requirements

DuraVision IP decoding solutions connect directly to an IP camera or switch via LAN to immediately begin streaming video for real-time monitoring. The range offers an IP decoding box or monitors with decoding built in.

Innovative Box Solution to Pair
with Any Size Monitor

EIZO offers its innovative decoding technology in a box format that can be used with any size monitor and supports up to 4K resolution. This makes it ideal for video walls and multi-monitor environments, or integrating into an existing system without needing to rebuild the surrounding infrastructure.

IP Decoding Solution Lineup

IP decoding monitors come in several sizes to suit various installations. The IP decoding box can be paired with any monitor size and supports up to 4K resolution output to up to two monitors.

IP Decoding Box

27" IP Decoding Monitor

23" IP Decoding Monitor

46" IP Decoding Monitor

Integrated Alerts Over the Network

IP decoding solutions support custom integration with the local security systems and devices to allow communication with and response to alerts over the network.


When an event occurs and an alert is sent from IP cameras, access control, hazard detection, VMS, or other systems, EIZO's IP decoding solutions can respond with a preassigned action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking, power options, and more.
See how Alert-to-Action works in these environments:

Technical Partnerships and Collaborations

EIZO works with leaders in the industry to ensure technical compatibility and support with various devices and systems, as well as co-develop solutions to meet highly requested end user requirements.

Camera Partners

Integration with VMS How EIZO's IP decoding solutions work with other security systems. ReadMore

Ultra-High Sensitivity Video Cameras

EIZO offers two ultra-high sensitivity video cameras that are able to capture color images even under extremely dim lighting conditions. This provides clear imaging in dark environments or poor weather conditions, making them ideal for a range of fields and applications such as river ports, for natural disaster monitoring, and area surveillance.

Create a Visual Advantage with Image Optimization

Waterway Monitoring

Highway, Pier, & Tunnel Inspection

Pylon, Sewer, & Dam Monitoring

EIZO's image optimization systems connect to a camera, recorder, or other image output device via HDMI and process incoming video content in real time without altering the source data. They enhance visibility in a diverse range of stations where close inspection of video is needed, such as waterways, tunnels, pylons, and dams.

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