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Streamlining Event Response: Alert-to-Action Security Solution for Banks and Financial Institutions

EIZO Alert-to-Action

Banks and credit unions are responsible for handling billions in investment, revenue, and savings as well as managing a tremendous amount of private information. As such, they are often a target for financial crimes. Securing financial assets 24/7 depends on security personnel and bank staff having critical information with immediacy to deter criminal activity and protect customer assets.


Supporting Branch Transformation

img01Optimize the Customer Experience

With today’s customers able to carry out many financial transactions through online services with speed and ease, the challenges of a long queue at ATMs and teller windows inside bank branches impacts the customer experience. Delivery of a poor experience could result in the depreciation of the services offered and loss of customers. Reinventing the banking experience through “Branch Transformation” remains critical for financial institutions when it comes to retention.




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When integrated with a VMS, video analytics, or other security systems, EIZO’s IP decoding solutions can take a more proactive role in providing a positive customer service experience through prompt alerts to bank staff. People counting sensors provide bank staff with real-time occupancy monitoring for quickly supporting waiting customers. These systems can detect the number of customers, how long they have been waiting, and even use facial recognition to identify important customers who require immediate attention. The monitor or IP box solution can be programmed to automatically adjust the layout, enlarge the screen, or apply visual indicators, such as a text message or frame, to actively notify staff when it receives an alert, such as when a queue threshold is reached or when a new customer enters the waiting area. This helps bank staff to optimize customer service as well as staffing needs throughout day-to-day operations. In times of COVID-19, it also helps staff ensure adherence to social distancing measures.


Maintaining a Safe Environment

Safeguard Branch Employees

img02Due to the sensitive nature of working at a bank, branch employee safety is a high priority. Securing the premises prior to opening or closing procedures is crucial to preventing incidents and ensuring employees are kept safe. It is crucial for security personnel, such as those assigned via an intermediary security service, maintain high situational awareness of the environment to keep bank employees and customers safe.





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When integrated with video management systems (VMS), video analytics, or other security systems, operators can visually confirm the safety of the premises 24/7 and be notified in real time if anything is out of place. The monitor or IP box solution can provide visual indicators when suspicious activity occurs in the area, prompting immediate protocol measures as necessary for maintaining a secure environment. Additionally, Alert-to-Action can provide increased visual awareness to bank employees through integrated use with video analytics or facial recognition. This can alert tellers to suspicious behavior, identify known suspects, or detect fraud attempts so they can take appropriate action to prevent incidents and protect assets.


Securing Access to Protect Assets

Visual Monitoring of Sensitive Areas


Financial institutions grant their employees varying levels of access to sensitive areas such as safes, cash drawers, and cash rooms, which hold cash reserves and other valuables needed for day-to-day operations. Additionally, maintaining cash stocks to support customer transactions means cash-in-transit firms and maintenance technicians also need to have clearances to access certain areas. These highly sensitive areas can quickly become the targets of internal theft if thorough security measures are not implemented. Proactive monitoring of these areas using real-time notifications can help detect if an employee has broken protocol and prevent losses before they occur.



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With the Alert-to-Action function, the IP monitor or decoding box can send an alert when the connected access control system detects a deviation from certain protocols. For example, if two employees are required to be present when opening a safe or accessing a cash drawer, and only one employee is present or attempts to access the area, an alert can be sent to on-site security personnel or supervising teller for their immediate attention.


Solution: Alert-to-Action

Customizable Event Response

EIZO’s IP decoding solutions’ web API supports custom integration with the local security systems and devices to allow communication with and response to alerts over the network. When an event occurs and an alert is sent from IP cameras, access control, hazard detection, VMS, or other systems, EIZO’s solution responds with a preassigned action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking, and more. Implementing an intelligent visual communication system into the workflow is a step forward in supporting branch transformation with prompt alerts, while also bolstering the security of high-value assets and sensitive information handled by financial institutions.

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