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These articles explore different aspects of modern technology and industry-related topics for air traffic control.

skeyes Make the Switch to a Smarter Monitor  NEW
EIZO's SwitchLink internal switching management technology is an optional feature for select Raptor monitors. SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard, mouse, and dynamic touch input without the need for an external KVM switch. 
skeyes Interoperability within the ATC Visual System
As ATM systems become more complex, interoperability becomes a significant concern. This article highlights the importance of considering the entire ATC visual system and future upgrades prior to deployment to mitigate risks and ensure reliability long-term.


smart monitors Pioneering the Way to Smarter Monitors for Streamlined ATC Visual Systems
A typical ATM configuration consists of multiple workstations, monitors, and applications. Learn how EIZO's Intelligent Display Platform and SwitchLink integrated switching management solution help streamline installation, maintenance, and operability.
future proofing recording systems Future-Proofing Recording Systems for Data Integrity in ATC
What should you look for in a future-proof recording system to ensure security and integrity of data, while maintaining user flexibility and ease of access?


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