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  Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC NEW
FlexScan EV3450XC is EIZO's first monitor with a built-in webcam and microphone. The perfect all-in-one monitor for business professionals.


  EIZO FlexScan New Standard Monitors
EIZO FlexScan EV2781/EV2485/EV2480 are New Standard monitors equipped with USB Type-C for a better working experience.
  EIZO FlexScan Premium Monitors
Get Connected. Get Started.
EIZO FlexScan EV2795/EV2495/EV2490 are Premium monitors with a full range of features to make your workplace comfortable.


  Developing the Perfect Monitor Solution for Business Enterprise
Searching for the perfect new monitor? Learn how EIZO develops the ideal monitors for business enterprise in this video. Our FlexScan models offer highly ergonomic features and innovative workspace concepts to millions of people around the world.



  EIZO FlexStand
This highly versatile stand offers tilt, swivel, height adjustment, and portrait mode to ensure viewing comfort.
  FlexScan EcoView Series - Eco-awareness meets smart business
EIZO engineers explain how they designed the new line of FlexScan EcoView monitors to be both easy on your eyes and energy saving.


  For Every Passionate Creator - ColorEdge CS2400S NEW
Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran creative, the ColorEdge CS2400S is a partner you can rely on. Every unit is designed, manufactured, and individually inspected by the human eye before arriving to your door.


  Meet the New Generation ColorEdge CS2400S NEW
This new generation 24.1-inch monitor features 1920 x 1200 resolution and covers 99% of the Adobe RGB color space for faithful reproduction of color. USB Type-C connectivity provides a streamlined experience for creatives who enjoy photography, video, illustration, and design.
  New Generation Monitors for the HDR Editing Workflow - ColorEdge CG2700X/CG2700S NEW
The flagship ColorEdge CG2700X and CG2700S mark a new generation of ColorEdge monitors. They feature a 27-inch screen, high resolution, and HDR gamma support for remarkable detail. USB Type-C connectivity provides a streamlined experience so professionals in video editing, game development, photography, and more can focus on creating.


  ColorNavigator Network - Cloud-Based Monitor Management
ColorNavigator Network provides centralized quality control (QC) of ColorEdge monitors. The solution is ideal for post production studios, printing houses, and other enterprises looking to centralize the quality control of their monitors and reduce maintenance costs.
  The Elegant 4K Monitor for Every Creator - ColorEdge CS2740
With 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), a spacious 27-inch screen, and USB Type-C connectivity, this monitor facilitates a detail-oriented, comfortable, and streamlined workflow ideal for any creative field.


  EIZO CuratOR - Visual Solutions for the Operating Room
EIZO GmbH develops and manufactures innovative products for the fields of surgery, endoscopy and cardiology at its site in Germany.

  CuratOR EX5841 - 58-inch, 4K UHD Surgical Monitor
The CuratOR EX5841 is a 58-inch widescreen surgical monitor with 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) that faithfully reproduces surgical images.
EIZO CuratOR - Comprehensive Solutions for the Integrated OR NEW
Designed with scalability and expandability in mind, EIZO offers products and solutions specifically tailored to the requirements and workflow in the OR.

  The Shape of Comfort - RadiForce RX1270
The EIZO RadiForce RX1270 is a compact 12 megapixel multi-modality monitor packed full of features to improve comfort and work efficiency in the reading room.
EIZO 4K/60p Surgical Field Camera System - CuratOR SC430-PTR
EIZO CuratOR SC430-PTR clearly captures the surgical field in 4K UHD resolution, and comes fully integrated with a triaxial camera mount for versatile positioning.

  EIZO Graceful White – A New Design for RadiForce
The newly designed RadiForce lineup represents cleanliness, reliability, and peace of mind – the perfect monitors for reading rooms.
Comfort Light for Reading Rooms - RadiLight
RadiLight offers 10 levels of brightness for a comfortable viewing environment as well as a spotlight for easily navigating your work space.


  Why the American College of Radiology Chooses EIZO
Practicing radiologists enjoyed hands-on learning in a workshop equipped with EIZO's multi-modality monitors to simulate a real-life environment.
RadiForce RX850 Improves Reader Efficiency in Mammography
See how EIZO's 8 megapixel medical monitor demonstrates high reader efficiency in mammography compared to dual 5 megapixel monitors.


  EIZO Multi-Modality Mammography Monitor
See how EIZO's multi-modality monitors are used to make a difference in the mammography workflow.
Digital Mammography in the Field 
See how digital imaging is being used for mammography with EIZO monitors to improve the diagnostic workflow.


  EIZO Medical Multi-Modality Monitors
An introduction to the multi-modality approach and the beneficial features of multi-modality monitors.
  Is your monitor in its optimal state?
See how you can benefit from EIZO Medical Monitor Quality Control Solutions with our new animated video.


  SBB Operations Center - All Eyes on the Eight-Monitor Workstations NEW
At the SBB Operations Center in Olten, Switzerland, 100 workstations used by 350 railway traffic professionals are equipped with eight 24-inch EIZO FlexScan monitors. Here, the "railway pilots" keep an eye on 8,400 passenger trains and 1,850 freight trains every day.
  Zurich Municipal Police - Empathy Supported by the Latest Technology
Around 180 operations are assigned per day at the Zurich Municipal Police operations center. 5 to 8 officers-in-charge occupy workstations equipped with 5 EIZO monitors.


  Ultra-High Sensitivity HD Zoom Camera for Demo Surveillance Applications
The SSZ-9700 is an ultra-high sensitivity video camera with a built-in 35x optical zoom lens. It is useful in a range of fields and applications where clear images are required, including low-lit environments, such as river ports, for natural disaster monitoring, law enforcement, and surveillance of locations of interest.
  Ultra-High Sensitivity HD Camera for Demo Surveillance Applications
The SSC-9700 is an ultra-high sensitivity video camera with a 2.12 megapixel, 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor. It is useful in a range of fields and applications where clear images are required, including low-lit environments, such as river ports, for natural disaster monitoring, law enforcement, and surveillance of locations of interest.


  DuraVision EVS1VX Image Optimization System
The DuraVision EVS1VX is an image optimization system that analyzes and processes video footage in real time to improve visibility for surveillance, infrastructure maintenance, image analysis, and more. See how it enhances images in difficult to see scenarios.
  Edmonton Transit Service Uses EIZO IP Decoding Monitors Integrated with Genetec VMS for Station Surveillance
Located in Alberta, Canada, Edmonton Transit System benefits from an integrated security solution comprised of EIZO and Genetec leading-edge products to ensure the safety of their patrons and a smoothly running system.


  System Integrator Insight on EIZO IP Decoding Monitors
Berkshire Systems is a system integrator that focuses on getting the best security solutions for their end users. In this interview, Senior Applications Specialist Greg Walborn talks about the advantages of having EIZO's IP decoding monitor as a part of those solutions.
  Kantons Polizei Aargau Emergency Control Center Chooses EIZO
One of the most advanced emergency control centers in the world, located in Switzerland, chooses EIZO's ultra-slim bezel monitors for multi-monitor workstations.


  Make the Switch to a Smarter Monitor - SwitchLink for ATC
Select Raptor monitors offer EIZO's SwitchLink internal switching management technology as an option. SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard, mouse, and dynamic touch input without the need for an external KVM switch.
  EIZO SwitchLink Internal Switching Management Technology for ATC
Select Raptor monitors offer EIZO's SwitchLink internal switching management technology as an option. SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard, mouse, and dynamic touch input without the need for an external KVM switch.


  EIZO Intelligent Display Platform for ATC Monitors
Select Raptor monitors are equipped with EIZO's Intelligent Display Platform (IDP) developed specifically for ATC. The IDP enables simultaneous display of video signals from up to four independent sources. With IDP, users have complete freedom to place each window anywhere on the screen, as well as scale and assign layer order priority.
  SafeGuard - Integrated Data Capture & Content Management Solution
SafeGuard is a data capture & content management solution designed to receive multiple feeds from communication interfaces employed in mission-critical environments such as ATC.


  The First 4K2K Monitor Developed Specifically for ATC: Raptor RP4325
The Raptor RP4325 combines the features of EIZO's line of primary control monitors while adding further value with 4K resolution, unique functionality, and operational reliability.
  Sleek Design - Raptor SQ2826
The Raptor SQ2826 is a 6th generation monitor that features the sleekest design in the lineup. With bezels that are a mere 15.5 mm and the overall compact design, the monitor fits comfortably into any installation.


  World 1st VESA 100 x 100 mm Compliance - Raptor SQ2826
The Raptor SQ2826 is the world's first 2K x 2K primary control monitor whose light weight of just 9.2 kg and compact design ensure it complies with 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting standards.
  Stream to a Second Monitor - Raptor SQ2826
Using the monitor's DVI (REC OUT) connection, all displayed image content, including the monitor's OSD menu operations, is accurately streamed to a second monitor.


  Stream to a Server for Remote Playback - Raptor SQ2826
The monitor can output the signal through EIZO's Re/Vue encoding & streaming device and SafeGuard data capture & content management solution to enable remote live viewing or to record to the server for a fully integrated ATC Visual System.
  Last Frame Display - Raptor SQ2826
EIZO's unique Last Frame Display function detects if the video signal is disrupted and automatically displays the last available frame captured from the visual system accompanied by a text overlay to inform the ATCO of the status.


  Integrated Switching - Raptor SQ2826
SwitchLink enables seamless switching of keyboard and mouse without the need for an external KVM switch. Up to six video workstations can be connected to the monitor and operated by a single keyboard and mouse.
  Remote OSD Control - Raptor SQ2826
Administrators can remotely control the monitor's OSD settings from an intuitive web UI. Settings include monitor brightness, contrast, saturation, video signals, window layout management, and more.


  Multiple Connections - Raptor SQ2826
The monitor is equipped with a multitude of signal interfaces. Connectors are placed on the sides of the monitor for easy access and cable management.
  Adjustable Stand - Raptor SQ2826
The monitor's stand features height adjustment, tilt, and swivel to allow the perfect positioning for the ATCO.


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