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National Diversity

EIZO comprises 18 companies globally (as of August 2023), and we harness the talents of our diverse workforce.
While respecting the human rights of each employee and promoting a mutual understanding of different cultures, the entire Group strives to develop its business with a sense of unity.
Overseas Group companies are led by local managers, and we pay careful consideration to the circumstances, cultures, and customs of each country to ensure the most suitable working environments.

Promotion of Women's Advancement

We ensure that all employees are fairly and equitably evaluated with respect to hiring and promotion, regardless of gender. To improve the percentage of female managers in Group companies in Japan, we have an action plan for women's advancement, and we are working to improve the working environment so female employees can play leading roles in their workplace. Our plan incorporates measures such as providing training for selected management and mid-level employees, as well as active participation of female employees in recruitment activities.

Composition of Managers (as of March 31, 2023)

Male Female Total Ratio of Females(%)
Japan 105 4 109 3.7
Overseas 74 20 94 21.3
Total 179 24 203 11.8

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

We strive to ensure fair employment and develop worker-friendly environments for persons with disabilities by fully observing the laws of each country, so that these employees can demonstrate their talents in a variety of workplaces. In Japan, we actively engage in recruitment efforts such as participating in joint company information sessions for people with disabilities and accept internships. We always seek to improve our workplace environment while creating work opportunities for people with disabilities as we expand our business.

Number and Ratio of Employees with Disabilities (as of March 31, each fiscal year)

FY2021 FY2022
Japan 28 30
Overseas 6 6
Total 34 36
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employment rate of persons with disabilities (Japan) (%) 1.60 1.94 2.09

Employment of Senior Citizens

We offer opportunities to employees who reach the mandatory retirement age of 60 by providing an environment in which they can work with confidence and stability after retirement. They can continue to work until age 65 if they wish, and take on duties that make full use of their skills and experience.