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White Paper



IP Monitor Functional Comparison between Models [PDF]
The available functions of IP monitors differ depending on the model. This document explains the available functions.



How to switch the input signals by using hotkeys with two PCs [PDF]
Screen InStyle allows you to switch the input signals using the Hotkeys function. This document describes how to switch the input signals using hotkeys and how to configure Screen InStyle.



Advanced Image Quality Stabilization: ColorEdge [PDF]
This document explains the correction effect by our own display stabilization function by using measured values. In addition, we will explain about the display stabilization function evolved by utilizing AI.



The Advantages of Hybrid Gamma PXL [PDF]
This document shows the results of a study conducted by the Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association of Kumamoto Chuo Hospital comparing the interpretation accuracy of color and monochrome images when the Hybrid Gamma PXL function is turned on or off.



Technology for Improving Visibility - "Visibility Optimizer" and Its Effects [PDF]
This document explains how "Visibility Optimizer" improves video visibility in security and surveillance environments.



Seven Ergonomic Features of the FlexScan EV Series [PDF]

This document explains the ergonomic features of the latest FlexScan EV models that help to reduce eye fatigue.



Study to Demonstrate Efficacy of 8MP Color Display - Mammography [PDF]

This study demonstrates the efficiency of a single 8 megapixel RadiForce RX850 monitor compared to two dual 5 megapixel monitors for use in mammography.


Advantages of Anti Reflection (AR) treatment [PDF]

This document explains the advantages of AR coating on a monitor which minimizes reflections and improves contrast and sharpness in high-resolution images for the medical field.


“Turbo 240” to decrease motion blur [PDF]

EIZO's Turbo 240 provides fluid image display for gaming akin to a CRT by doubling the frames to 240 frames/second and blinking the backlight.


The Advantages of Medical LCD Monitors with LED Backlights [PDF]

This document explains the three advantages of medical image display monitors that utilize an LED backlight.


"Smart Insight" to improve visibility in dark areas [PDF]

This document explains "Smart Insight", a new function of EIZO monitors that improves visibility in dark areas.


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