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Intellectual Property Initiatives

We believe technology and design created in the process of product development to be one of the most important assets for EIZO and actively seek to obtain patents and design rights to protect them. We also strive to obtain and maintain trademark rights in order to protect and enhance EIZO brand value.

Number of Patents Held by the EIZO Group and Countries with EIZO Trademark Protection

Our focus has been on attaining patents and design rights in countries and regions where we expect product sales to grow, such as China and India, in addition to Japan, Europe, and the United States, currently our main markets. We are striving to construct a global patent and design network and acquire and maintain trademark rights for our corporate brand and product names in each country.

Number of Patents Held by the EIZO Group (as of March 31 of Each Fiscal Year)

*Note: We conduct reviews based on the market size of the target products, intellectual property risks, and the status of patent holdings in each region to determine the need to renew or continue patents.

EIZO Trademark Holders (as of March 31, 2023)

Centralized Management of EIZO Intellectual Property

We centrally manage all EIZO intellectual property obtained globally (including patents, design rights, and trademarks). By doing so, we have established a system to facilitate the use of intellectual property and sharing of related information within the EIZO Group.
To properly manage our intellectual property, we periodically evaluate each intellectual property based on technology trends and implementation status.

Securing Patents and Designs and Obtaining Rights

We have incorporated a survey and application procedure for patents and designs into our product development process to prevent missed opportunities for identifying new core and peripheral technologies as well as designs created during the process.
We secure patents or rights for all technologies or designs that can be powerful and beneficial assets for EIZO. To achieve this, we strategically select appropriate countries for the applications in accordance with the area and characteristics of a technology or design. We then develop an optimal network of patents and design rights.

Encouraging Creation of Patents and Designs

We have and manage an incentive program for employee inventions to encourage staff to secure patents and designs.
We also have an internal awards program for inventors who have secured patents or rights to designs that have contributed to our business.

Respecting Third-Party Intellectual Property Rights

During the initial stages of product development, we identify new technologies and designs and investigate whether there are any related third-party patent and design rights. Should such a right be confirmed to exist we exercise the utmost care to ensure that we do not infringe upon any third-party intellectual property rights by taking action such as excluding the use of the technology or design, or by obtaining permission to use a technology or design from the third party.
In determining a new product name, we confirm in advance that there is no possible infringement of any third-party trademarks in any country where the product is to be sold.

Protecting EIZO's Intellectual Property Rights

In the event that a third party is found to have infringed upon EIZO's intellectual property rights, we will seek appropriate measures from that party to be taken to protect these rights.