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For professionals, ColorEdge stands for absolute precision and reliability. Whether your subjects are people, landscapes, wildlife, or something else, ColorEdge faithfully reproduces every tone and detail with exceptional accuracy.

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  • Location Shooting
  • Photo Editing & Printing
  • Presenting to Clients

Built-In Calibration Sensor to Automate Your Workflow

ColorEdge were the first monitors in the world to have a built-in calibration sensor for color critical applications. The built-in sensor of the CG Series is designed and manufactured by EIZO and can be set to calibrate the monitor automatically at designated times. This ensures your screen stays color accurate so you can stay focused on creating.


High-Precision Color Management

ColorNavigator 7 is EIZO's unique color management software solution for ColorEdge monitors. It makes calibration simple and produces predictable results. Furthermore, ColorEdge monitors and ColorNavigator 7 carry out hardware calibration, which controls the hardware of the monitor directly by utilizing its LUT. This method offers higher precision and better gradation characteristics compared to software calibration. Calibration is carried out using the built-in calibration sensor (CG Series) or EX4 external calibration sensor.

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Consistent Color Throughout the Workflow

ColorEdge is designed to maintain consistent color from capture to print. Whether it be at the photo studio, design agency, or printing office, using ColorEdge throughout the photography workflow ensures the same color information is shared at each step of the process. Users can adjust their monitors to display the same colors using EIZO's proprietary ColorNavigator 7 software bundled with ColorEdge monitors.

Consistent Color Throughout the Workflow
EIZO Colourclass

Colourclass is a photo adventure course brought to you as an exciting video series. Come with us as we explore the most beautiful locations on Earth and capture some of the most breathtaking scenes the world has to offer.


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