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Lenka Hatašová - Game of Light

Lenka Hatašová is a portrait photographer with a primary focus on famous Czech people coming from various backgrounds including culture, politics, and sports. She began her career by the camera, documenting the Balkan battlefields, as well as grand slam tennis courts. For more than ten years now, her domain has been portraits. Her work can be seen in commercials, in the media, on music album and book covers. In this interview, she discusses her approach to her subject and how EIZO helps achieve her creative vision.


Game of Light

“I am a professional portrait photographer who puts great emphasis on working with light and shade. Because of my preferred style of photography, that some may say is “dark”, I have always approached photos from the viewpoint of the impact they have on the observer. For many years I used monitors with effective backlight configurations which, in the end, did not correspond with the resulting appeal of the shot – whether that be during the printing phase or subsequently in the media. Basically, anything I saw on the monitor looked completely different elsewhere.”


EIZO - A Game Changer

“The way I approached post-processing of photos completely changed with my new EIZO ColorEdge CG279X monitor. I began using it thanks to several recommendations by fellow photographers who convinced me that EIZO monitors brings the game to whole new level. Admittedly so, my very first experience using the monitor left me overwhelmed upon opening a photo. The picture was true, and nothing compared to what I was accustomed to working with!”


“It extended throughout the full 27-inch screen size, no shadows or color corner spots, as I so often saw on other monitors. The details are sharp and fine, just as the full color representation. As a significant bonus, the monitor is equipped with an integrated calibration probe which, in regular intervals, slides out from its unobtrusive and nicely designed slot in the top part of the monitor to automatically check the device settings. I never really grasped the science behind calibration and did not want to think too much about color profile settings. Being more of an intuitive photographer, rather than a technical one, any relief I can get here is very welcome.”


“The AUTOMATIC color profile configuration for photographic editors was very helpful and something today's modern editors need in order to achieve a predictable color reproduction. The fact that the calibration probe spared me of the challenge of configuring the profiles myself was an enormous sigh of relief and saved me plenty of time I could invest into my own work.”


“EIZO calibrates its monitors directly at the factory, prior to selling, with the calibration results being in the form of color profiles stored into the monitor's memory. Out of the box, there was no need to calibrate and create monitor profiles for the editors I use. All I needed to do was connect the monitor to the computer via USB cable and download EIZO ColorNavigator calibration software. Then I continued by pushing the MODE button on the monitor control panel, selected VIDEO-mode to choose the respective type of work – for example, sRGB for working with photos to be used on websites or Printing to tune the color reproduction with its printing output device. The proverbial cherry on top is the ability to choose custom names for all factory-set and newly created user VIDEO-modes and toggle between them.”


“In addition to this, the manufacturer designed the ColorNavigator 7 calibration software as a program that automatically starts and remains active with every start of the PC. The program also continuously monitors which video-mode I currently use. Thus, there is no need to restart the software multiple times. Another advantage of ColorNavigator 7 is that it communicates with the user in Czech and allows for a quick and easy monitor reconfiguration.”

Perfect Ergonomics

“The ergonomics of the CG279X are breathtaking. The 27-inch screen is excellent for comparing images. Two to three portraits photos can easily fit next to each other at the same time. I have yet to try the height adjustment settings of the monitor, however, it will become useful if I ever invest into a different desk or lower chair. Much like the ability to rotate the monitor to portrait mode, the screen, so typical for all CG EIZO monitors, is a must have. I use it often as it makes connecting USB and other cables so simple.”


“The monitor has a matte finish with an anti-reflection layer that absorbs reflected light. Minimizing reflections in this manner is very pleasant as it keeps me focused on my work.  There's nothing left to say other than a big thank you to my photographer friends that introduced me to EIZO. I am confronted with an entirely new view of my own work in which I have seen an enormous leap over the past six months. It is my honor to be part of the EIZO family and spread its exceptional reputation further.”


“And how should I conclude...

After years of testing other monitors, thanks to EIZO I can now concentrate on my own work and not spend time ‘tuning’ a monitor and also better perceive the fine transitions between light and shade, which I consider the absolute foundation of post-processing the photos I produce.”




Lenka Hatašová is a member of EIZO’s ColorEdge Ambassador Program, which showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world of all levels.

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