ColorEdge Ambassador Program

The ColorEdge Ambassador Program showcases professional photographers, designers,
filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists
around the world of all levels.

Latest Stories

Not only are the monitors the best professional self-calibrating monitors on the market for photographers, but the company ethos reflects real vision and a consciousness about environmental impact.

- Daisy Gilardini, Wildlife and Nature Photographer

Cutting edge visual effects require cutting edge technology. EIZO is my trusted partner in creation of exceptional visual effects.

- Jacob Maymudes, Visual Effects Artist

As a digital colorist, I trust in EIZO ColorEdge monitors for their accuracy and reliability, on set as well as in post production.

- Isabelle Barriere, Colorist

We only know what we see. In my printmaking and art reproduction work, the requirement to view an image in all its faithfulness and accuracy is not an option.

- Wesley Wong, Fine Art Printmaking
and Art Reproduction

I unboxed the EIZO ColorEdge, opened up my art on it and it felt like I was looking at it for the first time. Absolutely blown away by these monitors.

- David Brodeur, Digital Artist

When I started using ColorEdge, I was blown away by the beauty and reproducibility of the colors. I felt it was a big turning point in my work.

- Kanako Sato, Underwater and Street Photographer

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