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Tim Flach - Connection to the Animal Kingdom

Tim Flach is an animal photographer with an interest in the way humans shape animals and shape their meaning while exploring the role of imagery in fostering an emotional connection. Bringing to life the complexity of the animal kingdom, his work ranges widely across species, united by a distinctive stylization reflecting an interest in how we better connect people to the natural world. He has four major bodies of work concerning different subjects: Equus (2008) focusing on the horse, Dogs Gods (2010) on canines, More Than Human (2012) a broad exploration of the world’s species, and Endangered (2017) a powerful document of species on the edge of extinction.


Total Precision

Tim Flach’s works are features in fine art galleries, books, magazines, and advertising. As such, he works at high resolution and needs total precision for expressing every minute detail in an image. He shoots in the field, sanctuaries, and studio settings. It is imperative to maintain an exceptionally high level of control throughout post production to clearly see and edits details in the texture of skin, each delicate hair, and every subtle, sculptural shadow. Details viewed close up need to be correct and authentic.



Tim differentiates himself from many photographers in that he involves himself in every step of the workflow – from concept to photo capture, editing, and printing for exhibitions or a book. This means he holds an exceptional understanding of what is needed for the best quality in the end result and the tools needed to achieve it.


“When working in such detail and exact color tones that I require for my hyper-real animal images, EIZO’s calibrated screens are as you expect: precise, reliable, and second to none.”

Reason for Choosing EIZO

ColorEdge monitors are an essential tool which help Tim produce his signature hyper-real images – some of which are over 10 feet long in print – so achieving a high level of detail is crucial and fundamental to his work. The high resolution, reliable color reproduction, and calibration capabilities of ColorEdge monitors saves him time and fosters his creativity. Since he can fully rely on his ColorEdge to show him how the image will truly look in the final print, he does not have to worry about the final result. This frees his mind to take his images even further.


The relationship between monitor view and hardcopy when using EIZO is markedly faithful:

“I am not even conscious of the transition between screen and print.”

Tim Flach visited EIZO headquarters in Japan in April 2014 to give a presentation of his work, tour the factory where ColorEdge are made, and speak directly with EIZO engineers.


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