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Steel and Technology Group Salzgitter AG - Surveillance of Production Areas in a Compact Solution

Due to the change from analog to digital video technology, Salzgitter Digital Solutions GmbH (SZDS), as the IT service company of Salzgitter AG (SZAG), was faced with a number of challenges. This was because in many areas of SZAG, direct connections between camera and monitor were found, in some cases together with an image splitter.


Analog Becomes Digital

In its search for a suitable professional digital solution, the steel and technology group's long-standing IT partner finally came across the IP decoding box DX0211-IP from EIZO. After a detailed product presentation by the responsible EIZO key account managers, SZDS decided to procure and test an EIZO IP decoding box. The test turned out to be absolutely positive. The functionality, reliability, and quality of the EIZO solution were the decisive factors.

Sascha Dittwaldt “Thanks to the EIZO IP decoding solution, analog video security systems can be quickly and easily upgraded to a new digital standard. In addition, the computerless concept also takes into account the protection against sensitive infrastructures (data protection).”

Sascha Dittwaldt
Professional Consultant Demand Management at SZDS


Simple Installation Saves Time

The use of the EIZO IP decoding box DX0211-IP offers SZAG many advantages. For example, the images from several IP cameras can be visualized on one monitor - regardless of size and resolution - simultaneously and flexibly arranged. In addition, neither computers nor software or other hardware are required to operate the monitor, which makes the installation of the solution much easier and saves time and effort.

Space-saving mounting of the IP decoding boxes

Patrick Lemke “Due to its high flexibility and reliability, the DX0211-IP IP decoding box is the perfect solution for us. Computerless operation eliminates the time-consuming updating and patching that a Windows operating system entails. The maintenance effort is therefore much lower for us.”

Patrick Lemke
Team Leader Message Technology, Monitoring and Control Systems at SZDS


IP Decoding Box in Use

The areas of application of the DX0211-IP at SZAG are diverse. Initially, the analog direct connections on the crane systems were replaced. One EIZO IP decoding box was installed per system, which displays up to four video streams on one monitor, depending on the crane. This enables the crane operator to guide the crane boom precisely and safely. Meanwhile, the company is also converting its complete control stations to digital video technology. Up to sixteen video contents from production-relevant cameras are transmitted to the monitors connected in the control rooms and monitored. The IP decoding box is used whenever neither recordings nor video servers are desired or required.

Video monitoring in the control station - up to 16 video streams are transmitted to the connected monitors

In SZAG's industrial environment, high availability and 24/7 operation are crucial. Most cameras in the company are therefore also used for production security. The use of the DX0211-IP IP decoding box minimizes malfunction operations. And if, contrary to expectations, a problem should arise with a box, it can be replaced quickly and expeditiously, which is very important in a production-relevant environment.


Salzgitter Digital Solutions GmbHAbout Salzgitter Digital Solutions GmbH

Salzgitter Digital Solutions GmbH is one of Germany's leading IT service providers and a wholly owned subsidiary of the long-established German steel and technology group Salzgitter AG. The IT service provider looks back on more than 30 years of experience with internal and external clients.



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