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Kindred Health Transitional Care and Rehabilitation

Kindred HealthKindred Health Transitional Care and Rehabilitation in Eagle Creek, Indiana, USA, is a nursing home and rehabilitation center specializing in short-term rehabilitation therapy, bridging the gap between hospital and home, as well as long-term care.






The Issue

Before using EIZO, Kindred Health operated two nursing stations that included several clinical systems without an adequate PC storage and cable management solution.

Nurses could not monitor the activity in hallways, parking lots and entrances with the previous configuration rendering them vulnerable and susceptible to physical security issues and time away from attending to patients. Their immediate need was to be able to monitor all activities from any nursing station within the facility.

The Solution

Kindred Health deployed the EIZO DuraVision FDF2304W-IP at each nursing station. With IP cameras already installed and connected to an NVR and view station at security and the manager’s office, the FDF2304W-IP connected directly to their network with no computer or software needed.

Nurses and administrative personnel could now view up to 16 different cameras from any of the nursing stations. They could view the images clearly

from any angle which was really useful since they are mobile most of the time. 
The nurses were in favor of the solution since it required no interaction. In the event of a power outage, the monitors automatically turned on and started to display the images again. No configuration or interaction needed.


The Installation Story

Because the FDF2304W-IP is a standalone view station, the monitor was directly and easily connected in to the network without any special IT department support. This eliminated the need for a computer, Windows updates, security software, view application, additional software licenses and mounting brackets for a PC.

“At the time we installed the FDF2304-IP monitors it was a breeze thanks to the detailed instructions, easy-to-read icons, and user-friendly interface altogether,” said SafeCare Area Supervisor Cody Bracken. “Everything is explained in detail throughout the entire installation and setup process, meaning you only have to visit the system once. I was able to customize the layout to meet their preferences.”

What would typically take between 90 to 120 minutes for installation (depending on necessary Microsoft Windows downloadable updates via the Internet), was completed in just under 30 minutes from the time the installer opened the box to full operation.

By reducing the install time and the number of hardware items, software and licenses, the FDF2304W-IP is a cost-efficient solution for a typical workstation.

DuraVision FDF2304-IP


Deployed Products

  • DuraVision FDF2304W-IP (Successor Model: FDF2312W-IP)
Case Studies
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