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Grindel Sports Center - Clear Point Victory for Carefree Recreational Fun

Indoor sports, including tennis, squash, badminton and minigolf, have been played at the Grindel Sports Center in Bassersdorf, Switzerland, since 1981. The minigolf course is considered a highlight in the minigolf scene and is one of the most challenging and best-known indoor courses in Switzerland and neighboring countries. International tournaments are held here every year. A surveillance solution was sought for the large and winding facility that could make do with the existing network capacities. EIZO and MOBOTIX took on this challenge and have installed an integrated solution.


Challenges: Unclear Surveillance Area and Limited Network Performance

Fabian Moser, operator of the Grindel Indoor Park, is primarily concerned with monitoring the various areas for availability and how busy they are, vandalism, theft and lost items. Keeping track of the number of people at the center has also been a central issue since the coronavirus pandemic started in 2020. The large and winding nature of the facility makes it difficult to keep an overview. In addition, the on-site network has limited performance.

Solutions and Benefits – All-Round View for All-Round Security

Staff at reception have an excellent overview via a live image display on the spacious 27-inch DuraVision FDF2711W-IP monitor. The images are displayed in real time and allow the situation to be analyzed immediately, which is ideal for live surveillance. The IP monitor is connected to IP surveillance cameras and streams video content instantly. No computer, software or other hardware is required, making installation much easier and greatly reducing the technical effort required to manage sensitive visual data. The VA panel provides a wide viewing angle of 178° with high contrast and color stability. This makes it easy to view the screen from different positions. The monitor excels with maximum reliability and is suitable for continuous use seven days a week.


- “Visitors frequently want to know how many people are currently playing on the minigolf course. Consequently, visitors can now see for themselves how busy the minigolf course is via the monitor in the reception area. The monitor can be operated directly and easily, and the various critical areas can be controlled and monitored live.” - Grindel Sports Center on the advantages of EIZO IP decoding solutions.


Simple Operation and Maintenance-Free Systems

The surveillance cameras come from the video system and camera manufacturer MOBOTIX. The motto here is: Great imaging starts with great technology. Grindel Sports Center currently uses 15 MOBOTIX systems and six cameras with 180° lenses. Thanks to these panorama cameras, Grindel Sports Center manages with a quarter of the cameras it would otherwise need. A few cameras can cover large areas here and all video streams can be displayed on the EIZO monitor. It has also been possible to implement the requirements of the 2020 pandemic without any difficulty thanks to person counting via the c26 camera. The simple operation and maintenance-free systems allow employees to focus on the most important task of ensuring the well-being of their guests.


Grindel Sports Center website (German)

MOBOTIX website

Deployed Product

  • DuraVision FDF2711W-IP
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