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Implementing 4K Monitors

EIZO 4K Monitor Info



Can my PC or Mac display a 4K resolution?

Below is a listing of graphics boards that support EIZO 4K monitors.



Isn't text on a 4K monitor difficult to read?

It doesn’t have to be. You can maintain the precision of the 4K image while viewing text at a size comfortable for you.


What PCs are compatible with the CG318-4K in DCI 4K resolution?


We confirmed compatibility with the HP Z840/Z640 workstations.

We confirmed compatibility with BOXX APEXX5 8901.


We confirmed compatibility with the Mac Pro (Late 2013).



Can I connect the monitor to professional video equipment with 4K support?

Information about 4K monitor compatibility with video devices.


For more details see the FAQ and compatibility information for each monitor.

Media & Entertainment, Photography, Printing   CAD, Finance, Business  


CG318-4K_f_hood.jpg     EV2785_small.jpg
ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 ColorEdge CG318-4K     FlexScan EV2785

CG248-4K_f.jpg      ev3237.jpg  
ColorEdge CG248-4K     FlexScan EV3237