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Panel Protector

These panel protectors help prevent dust and scratches.
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  • Protect against dust and scratches.
  • Fit between the LCD screen and bezel.

Supported Models


FP-2703W 27.0" EV2736W
FP-2401W 24.1" SX2462W, SX2461W, S2433W, S2432W, S2431W, S2411W, S2410W, S2402W, S2401W, HD2442W, HD2441W, EV2436W, EV2430, EV2416W, EV2411W
FP-2400W 24.1" SX2462W, SX2461W, S2433W, S2432W, S2431W, S2411W, S2410W, S2402W, S2401W, HD2442W, HD2441W, EV2411W
FP-2301W 23.0" EV2336W, EV2335W, EV2333W, EV2316W, EV2315W, EV2313W, EV2303W
FP-2202W 22.0" SX2262W, S2243W, S2242W, S2233W, S2232W, S2231W, S2202W, S2201W
FP-901 21.3" L997, L985EX
FP-702 19.0" S1933, S1932, S1931, S1923, S1921-X, S1921, S1911, S1910, S1903, S1902, S1901, M1950, M1900, L797, L795, L788-i, L788, L778, L768, L767
FP-506 17.0" S1703-A, S1703
FP-505 17.0" S1731, S1721-X, S1721, S1701-X, S1701, P1700, M1700, L578, L568, L551
FP-2101 21.3" S2134, S2133, S2100
FP-1901 19.0" S1934
FP-1501 15.0" S1501-B, S1501


FP-2400W 24.1" CE240W, CG243W, CG242W, CG241W
FP-2202W 22.0" CG223W
FP-901 21.3" CG211, CG210, CG21
FP-702 19.0" CG19


FP-2400W 24.1" FX2431
FP-2301W 23.0" FS2333, FS2332, FS2331


FP-2301W 23.0" FDF2306W, FDF2305W, FDF2303W
FP-702 19.0" FDS1903, FDS1901


RP-918 5MP GX560, RX560
RP-917 5MP GX550
RP-916 3MP RX350
RP-915 3MP, 2MP RX370, RX360, RX270, RX250, MX217, MX216
RP-913 3MP, 2MP GX340, GX240, RX240
RP-912 3MP RX340
RP-911 5MP GX540
RP-904 5MP GX530
RP-903 3MP, 2MP GS320, GS220
RP-902 3MP, 2MP RX320, RX220, RX211, RX210, RS210, R22
RP-901 5MP GS521, GS520, GS510, G51-S/-G, G51-BLG / G51-CLG, G51
RP-701 1MP RS110, R12
FP-2702W 3.7MP MX270W
FP-2401W 2.3MP MX242W
FP-2400W 2.3MP MX241W, MX240W, FlexScan S2411W-M, FlexScan MX240W, FlexScan MH240W
FP-2301W 2MP MS230W
FP-2202W 2.3MP MX220W
FP-901 2MP R21
FP-702 2MP, 1MP G22, MX194, MX191, FlexScan S1910-M, FlexScan MX190S, FlexScan MX190
FP-505 1MP MS170, FlexScan L568-M
FP-2101 2MP MX215, MX210, FlexScan S2100-M, FlexScan MX210


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