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Alessandro Belluscio - Outdoor Action Sports Photographer

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ColorEdge CG243W




Alessandro Belluscio, nicknamed Alo, is an Italian photographer whose work has appeared in some of the world’s most well-known magazines.



His interest in photography was awakened by a love of the mountains. Between 2006 and 2011, he founded and ran the Italian freeskiing magazine 4Skiers magazine, acting as both photo editor and editor.  


Alessandro is an action photographer. He is an expert in special shooting sessions, trips, logistics, video production, freeski, and ski super sessions. He has journeyed far and wide across the world over the past decade, from the Alps to Japan’s mountain ranges, from South America to Scandinavia, and from the Pyrenees to the mountains of Central Asia. “I am addicted to travel, I’m a full-time dreamer, and I really love fishing,” he says.
When it comes to digital processing, he prefers the EIZO ColorEdge CG243 monitor.

“The monitor is a very important piece of equipment for any photographer who needs to develop, manage, and process photos. This is why your choice is so important: It’s the monitor that shows the color rendering of every photo before it’s printed. This means that it’s necessary to have an adequate visualization tool to deliver quality and ensure the photographer’s creative ideas aren’t lost on the journey from click to print. The EIZO ColorEdge CG243 monitor does just that. It is immensely valued for its capacity to provide a coherent final result,” says Belluscio.


2010 Winner of Best Action Photo at the invitational contest, the most important world freeski event
December 2010 Permanent exhibition in Courmayeur, 2,000 meters from La Baita
2011 Winner of best book at ClickOnTheMountain photo contest, a photo event held at Courmayeur and on Mont Blanc
2012 Winner of Best Lifestyle photo at
July 2012 Finalist at ‘The Open’ international photo contest
Current position Senior Editor at

Official site:
Video profile - Discover what inspires “Alo” and what’s there behind his photos :

Case Studies
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