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Aedes - FlexScan Monitors Replace the Docking Station

Aedes, a professional housing association, refreshed its installation of EIZO monitors purchased for the company in 2015 with newer models to address connectivity with laptops that were not supported by older models. The goal was to equip all workstations with energy-efficient monitors with modern USB Type-C and HDMI connectivity. Employees had also expressed a desire to be able to work on multiple monitors simultaneously.


Monitor Selection

After extensive testing of various EIZO monitors, the choice fell on the FlexScan EV2495, EV2485, and EV2795 models. Most flexible workstations are now equipped with an EV2495 and an additional EV2485 connected via daisy chain with USB Type-C. Previously, there were no multiscreen solutions at these workstations. However, most employees are excited about being able to use multiple office applications simultaneously and side-by-side on two monitors. The other workstations, especially those in the management and HR departments, are equipped with a FlexScan EV2795.

Connectivity and Energy Efficiency

When selecting the new monitors, connectivity and energy efficiency were particularly important. They chose monitors with USB Type-C and HDMI ports and the option for daisy chaining. This eliminates the need for a docking station, which reduces the overall system costs and maintenance, as well as saves on energy consumption of the workstations. Furthermore, a desk without a docking station is much tidier and only one cable is needed to connect everything thanks to USB Type-C. Power is only supplied to the monitor - an adapter for the laptop or other peripherals is unnecessary. Via daisy chain, the image signal is passed on to the second monitor, which also reduce extra cable clutter in the workplace.


CG2700S for the Graphic Designers

Aedes also chose the ColorEdge CG2700S for its graphic designers. All graphic materials for both print and web are created on these monitors, as ColorEdge monitors are specifically designed for color-critical applications, such as Adobe programs, which require a wide color space.


Easy Installation and Setup

The installation of the monitors went smoothly. EIZO was always available to answer questions, so the monitors were quickly rolled out, installed, and ready for use.

“The deciding factor in choosing these EIZO monitors was the built-in docking function, which eliminates the need for a separate docking station. This saves us maintenance, reduces energy consumption, and of course, has a positive impact on the overall investment.”

Connie Smaardijk
ICT Consultant at Aedes


About Aedes

Aedes is a professional housing association in the Netherlands that supports 28,000 employees in 262 organizations to ensure a positive working experience. Aedes represents the interests of the (affiliated) associations in The Hague and Brussels. In addition, substantive programs and projects ensure the continuing development of the housing association sector and the exchange of knowledge between associations.




Deployed Products

FlexScan EV2795
FlexScan EV2495
FlexScan EV2485
ColorEdge CG2700S

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