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Hauck & Aufhäuser - EIZO Monitors as an Integral Part of Both Bank and Home Office Setups

EIZO monitors have long been an integral part of the hardware setup at Hauck & Aufhäuser. Each employee of the traditional bank has two displays at their workstation as standard, three in the fund business and sometimes more than six on the trading floor. After the start of the first COVID-19 wave in 2020, the bank equipped its employees working from home with up to two additional monitors to enable them to work comfortably and efficiently. After careful consideration Hauck & Aufhäuser chose to provide the EIZO FlexScan EV2460 monitors for its home workers.

Hauck & Aufhäuser   Hauck & Aufhäuser

The concept of home working is nothing new for Hauck & Aufhäuser. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, some of the bank's employees were able to choose their place of work. However, the pandemic suddenly made it a much higher priority and within a fortnight of the first wave, all bank employees were set up and able to work from home.

To make it as easy as possible for employees to switch between the bank and home office, Hauck & Aufhäuser's IT department chose the same hardware setup for both work locations, providing a laptop, keyboard, mouse, headset, docking station, and up to two EIZO FlexScan EV2460 monitors.

“For the laptops, we deliberately chose a smaller unit so the users could easily transport their "workplace" between locations. And by using the 24-inch monitors like the EV2460 as an extension of the laptop helped a lot in carrying out day-to-day business. Large Excel tables or screens of our core banking systems are difficult to display on a small laptop screen or are not comfortable to read in daily work,” explains Erik Schares, Head of IT Service at Hauck & Aufhäuser.

“Furthermore, an additional monitor offers the advantage that all telephone and video conferencing solutions can take place via the laptop, while work documents are open on the second monitor. The users are very satisfied with the solution and, in addition to the brilliant image quality, particularly appreciate the narrow edge of the FlexScan EV2460,” adds the IT manager.
  Erik Schares, Head of IT Service at Hauck & Aufhäuser
Erik Schares, Head of IT Service at Hauck & Aufhäuser


Marina Stober, Specialist Corporate Communications & Marketing at Hauck & Aufhäuser, says about her FlexScan EV2460 home set-up, “An additional, external monitor makes working at home much easier. And during the pandemic when people were working from home more, the interim solution with a laptop was not optimal.

Especially if you want to display and view several applications at the same time, an additional monitor next to the laptop is a great work relief. For example, if you work with Excel spreadsheets or want to compare several documents. On a small laptop monitor, that would be quite cumbersome and not particularly easy on the eyes.”
  Home office workstation with FlexScan EV2460
Home office workstation with FlexScan EV2460

When asked when and why the bank uses EIZO products, Erik Schares answered, “I have been with the bank for seven years so I can't really say how long Hauck & Aufhäuser has been using EIZO monitors. But I know of EIZO monitors in the bank, some of which have been in use for thirteen years. I myself have known of EIZO since I started working in IT and am convinced of the quality and durability of the monitors. And if a warranty claim does arise, everything is handled very quickly and without any problems. In addition, the EIZO monitors meet our requirements in terms of environmental sustainability, an aspect we look at very closely in IT.”


About Hauck & Aufhäuser

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers established over 225-years ago was created from the merger in 1998 of two long-established private banks: Georg Hauck & Sohn Bankiers in Frankfurt am Main, founded in 1796, and Bankhaus H. Aufhäuser, on the market in Munich since 1870. The Bank's Board of Managing Directors consists of the Chairman of the Board Michael Bentlage and the members of the Board of Managing Directors Dr. Holger Sepp and Robert Sprogies. Hauck & Aufhäuser sees itself as a traditional and at the same time modern private bank.

The Bank, with offices in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne, focuses on comprehensive advisory services and asset management for private and corporate clients, asset management for institutional investors, comprehensive fund services for financial and real assets in Germany, Luxembourg and Ireland, and cooperation with independent asset managers. In addition, they offer research, sales and trading activities with a specialisation in small and mid-cap companies in German-speaking countries, as well as individual services for IPOs and capital increases. The focus of their business activities is on providing holistic and personal advice, on the basis of which individual solutions are developed.


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