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Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority Furnishes Their Energy-Neutral Office with EIZO

Deployed Products: FlexScan EV2450  (successor model EV2460)


Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority

Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority provides a safe living and working environment, and clean and sufficient water with dikes, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plants in Flevoland Province, the Netherlands. With the renovation of their office, the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority has shown that it is serious about the climate challenges and targets.

Since the summer of 2017, the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority has been operating in an energy-neutral office. By efficiently renovating and taking various sustainability measures, they realized an office that is ready for the future.


The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority has, for example, reused about 80% of all materials from its own building and from its own material. Many of the existing furniture has been refurbished and the floor covering is made from recycled fishing nets. In addition, there are solar panels on the roof of the office building. These are just a few examples of how the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority is proving that they are well on their way to a fully energy-neutral Water Authority in 2050.

With the renovation, the Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority was able to greatly reduce the total energy consumption of the office. A small, but not unimportant part of this is the use of new monitors. Energy efficiency and ease of use were the most important demands. In addition, the new monitors had to aesthetically fit in with the new office design, for example a white monitor bezel was required.


The Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority uses the FlexScan EV2450 in meeting rooms to easily connect notbook PCs for brainstorming and collaborating with coworkers. 


The monitors are used for office work such as word processing, (CAD) drawing, Geoweb and administrative work. Based on the framework agreement, Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority employees compared four different brands with comparable specifications in the tendering process, based on price, energy efficiency, image quality, design and ease of use.

After extensive testing, the EIZO FlexScan EV2450 was selected as the winner, mainly due to its energy efficiency. Compared to the old monitors, they save more than 50% in electrical costs. Over a period of five years, this will result in an electricity saving of 60 euros per monitor. In addition, they were very positive about the ease of use of the monitors.

Zuiderzeeland Regional Water Authority has been working with the EIZO monitors for almost a year now and are very satisfied.


The white bezels of the FlexScan EV2450 match the clean aesthetic of the office, and the frameless design allows monitors to be aligned side by side with barely any space between screens. Furthermore the easy connectivity helps with desk sharing throughout the office.


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