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"I need to work with original colors. That’s why I work with the original."


Nadine Schlichte – BUTTER.,
Creative Director Art



butterBUTTER. is an owner-run, independent creative agency based in Düsseldorf and Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1995 by Werner Butter, the agency has over 100 employees and develops communication solutions for its customers across all media frontiers. BUTTER. is synonymous with communication with a healthy dose of common sense and clear, smart campaigns.







How did you hear about EIZO?

The advertising industry values flawless images more so than any other industry. A monitor from EIZO is a must. It’s not that you just become aware of them, you cannot avoid them.

Why did you opt for EIZO?

We have been EIZO’s lead agency for over ten years. At this stage, it’s hard to say whether EIZO opted for BUTTER. or if we were already working with EIZO monitors. We’d need to look at the photo finish.

Tell us about your experiences with EIZO monitors.

The majority of work stations at BUTTER. are equipped with EIZO monitors. The large number of different models allows us to provide each and every employee with a suitable monitor. When it comes to creation, we do a lot of work with multi-monitoring solutions, whereby a ColorEdge model is always an integral part. It’s possible to achieve significant time savings thanks to the softproof quality of the ColorEdge monitors. Final proofing before printing is still crucial, but you can reduce the quantity by means of optimally calibrated monitors.  In contrast, consulting is equipped with office monitors. It’s not unusual to work longer than an eight-hour day in the advertising industry. It is at times like this that it is very noticeable that the eyes feel awake for longer in front of an EV monitor.

ColorEdge CG277

What advice would we give potential customers that opt for a monitor from EIZO?

Of course, there are other manufacturers on the market that offer good image quality. It is the impressive overall package for the individual monitors that always gives EIZO the decisive edge. Taken in isolation, each EIZO monitor offers users special features for individual tasks. For this reason, it’s important to take the time to look at the different models on offer and select the monitor best suited to the tasks.  

Case Studies
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