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Nagayuki Kojima - Global Award-Winning Wedding and Portrait Photography

Nagayuki Kojima is a wedding and portrait photographer who works out of his studio in his hometown of Mima in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. Expanding his activities worldwide, he is one of EIZO’s global Ambassadors and uses a ColorEdge monitor for his works.

Nagayuki Kojima

© Nagayuki Kojima
WPPI Awards Competitions 2019 Annual
Category: Bridal Couple/Models Together Non-Wedding Day
1st Place


Nagayuki Kojima

© Nagayuki Kojima
WPPI Awards Competitions 2019 Annual
Category: Bridal Couple/Models Together Non-Wedding Day
3rd Place

Nagayuki Kojima

© Nagayuki Kojima
WPPI Awards Competitions 2020 Annual
Category: Bridal Couple/Models Together Non-Wedding Day
2nd Place


Global Achievements

Nagayuki KojimaWedding and portrait photographer Nagayuki Kojima first started entering his works into global photo competitions in autumn of 2017. As of September 2021, 4 years later, more than 200 of his pieces have been recognized with high acclaim – first place in the WPPI Awards Competitions (USA) and multiple awards in the WPE Awards Competition (Europe). He has also earned the title of “Master Photographer” by the WPE and is the only Japanese person to serve as one of its 14 judges.

Mr. Kojima is also the recipient of numerous awards at the AsiaWPA Photo Competition (Asia) and for two consecutive years since 2019, is the first person from Japan to be selected for “Photographers of the year”, which honors 20 people who have influenced the art. His techniques have earned him high acclaim and he has been commissioned by photographers around the world to assist in retouching and creating prints of their own works. Working towards helping the industry grow, he regularly holds seminars and online salons to share what he has learned during his time overseas as a Master Photographer.

We spoke to Mr. Kojima briefly about how he creates his works and his experiences with ColorEdge in this interview.


What is important to you when creating your work?

When doing a shoot, my main focus is to make my clients happy. I try to get a sense for what resonates with them during a pre-meeting before the shoot and decide the direction the day of when I see the clients fully made up and styled. There are also times when I have to make specific preparations. I think about what I want to convey, the story I need to tell, and find the right models and backgrounds to bring it to life. If my work is going to be entered in a competition, I try to choose an idea that will get across easily, but I tend to prefer to create conceptual works based on historical backgrounds and stories. When I am inspired, new ideas fill my head, so I need to start laying the blueprints for it. I try to take notes immediately, so I don’t forget anything. 

Tell us your experience using ColorEdge.

The ColorEdge CS2740 that I am using currently is my fourth monitor. Including models that came before, I have used seven different EIZO monitors. Since I use an i1PRO calibration sensor, I opted for the CS2740 instead of a CG Series model. I have been using dual ColorEdge monitors for many years. I use the main monitor for working on images and the second monitor for tools. But once I started using the CS2740 with 4K resolution, I couldn’t go back. ColorNavigator 7, the dedicated software for calibrating the monitor, is also very intuitive and useful. Since all monitors will not look the same due to panel characteristics, it is important to be able to be able to track parameters even after calibrating using a sensor. The advanced control offered by ColorEdge is essential. 

Nagayuki Kojima

Deployed Product

ColorEdge CS2740

Nagayuki Kojima is a member of EIZO’s ColorEdge Ambassador Program, which showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world of all levels.

ColorEdge Ambassador Program Website

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