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FotoLab Kiekie

FotoLab Kiekie is a family business in Amsterdam which has been around for 30 years. What started as a regular photo business now has grown to a professional photo lab. FotoLab Kiekie specializes in the printing and finishing of large-format prints, and is still part-analogue - developing and scanning films by hand.

“As a professional photo lab, we have to deal daily with reviewing pictures. And for that we need the best reference monitor. You need to, of course, be able to rely on an accurate and stable color rendering before making a print. Furthermore, because we (with our 30 different types of papers) are increasingly working with soft proofing on the screen instead of tests on paper, a reliable monitor is essential.”


99% Adobe RGB reproduction

“A few years ago when we had to replace our monitors, we very quickly chose EIZO. We selected the ColorEdge CG243W, a graphic monitor with 99% Adobe RGB reproduction, and set them up in a neutral-tinted environment with daylight lighting and monitor hoods, in order to ensure the highest quality. We currently have five of these monitors in the company and recently started using one ColorEdge CS240.”


Color calibration with the ColorEdge CX sensor

“We calibrate our monitors with the ColorEdge CX calibration sensor. An important feature of the monitor is the hardware-based calibration. When the ColorNavigator software is being used, the measured values are saved directly into the monitor. The contrast is superb and there is absolutely no color or density gradient in the corners. Because we use the stable and reliable EIZO monitors, we can pursue the quality our customers expect from us to achieve a perfect result, every day.”





Case Studies
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