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City Facial Plastics - Capturing the Entire Procedure

Dr. Gary Linkov, a premier NYC-based facial plastic surgeon, is passionate about helping his patients feel confident about their appearance. His exemplary background as a dual-Ivy League educated surgeon, coupled with his advanced art training in Italy, give him a truly unique advantage as a practitioner of aesthetic facial and hair surgery. He has pioneered one of today’s most cutting-edge facial procedures— the Elelyft lip lift, which he has written about extensively and has trained other surgeons from around the world in his technique. He is also renowned for carrying out complex nasal surgery for US war veterans in need, and for teaching rhinoplasty procedures to the NYU head and neck surgery residents. At his clinic, City Facial Plastics, he and his team use EIZO’s SC430-PTR surgical field camera.

The EIZO SC430-PTR surgical field camera is designed for use in the operating room (OR) and other procedural areas where high-quality video imaging is required, such as private practice clinics who demand the best for their patients. Dr. Linkov at City Facial Plastics is striving to provide safe and ethical facial cosmetic surgery services. As part of his mission, he needed a camera which would allow him to capture images that can be used to inform current and potential patients of what actually takes place in these procedures.

The unique features and image quality of the EIZO SC430-PTR 4K surgical field camera delivered just what Dr. Linkov was looking for. He said, “We chose the EIZO SC430-PTR to record and livestream facial plastic surgeries and hair transplants. We have a YouTube channel with over 340,000 subscribers with the goal of educating the masses and enabling patients to make well-informed decisions. The surgical camera system has proven to be a great tool to enhance visual presentations on our channel. Our goal is to livestream surgeries on our YouTube channel and to be able to give back to our patients through sponsors that we have on our channel.”

When asked about what features in particular help him in his mission, he responded, “Features such as 30x optical zoom has helped us overcome the challenges of capturing a clear image. When filming showcases, it was always hard to capture the action because of the DSLR camera and lens we used. With the SC430-PTR, we can easily capture the entire procedure in great detail, thanks to the 30x optical zoom.”

SCR430-PTR   image

With the camera mounted on a movable arm, clinicians are able to control motion and settings via the front panel of the camera unit or a convenient infrared remote control. This allows for precise capture of what is most important in the shot. “We control the camera unit with the infrared remote controller. The controller allows us to change the angle of capturing the image easily. We also have the camera mounted on an arm that is easy to move and adjust,” Dr. Linkov continued.


“We are excited to continue to use EIZO’s surgical camera system to create educational and honest videos on plastic surgery and hair restoration.”

Dr. Gary Linkov, Facial Plastic Surgeon, City Facial Plastics

imageDr. Linkov demonstrating an image from the SC430-PTR surgical camera displayed on the 31.1” CuratOR EX3140 surgical monitor.



Under the expert guidance of Dr. Linkov, City Facial Plastics offers the most efficacious plastic procedures and innovative technologies that make a real difference in appearance. The private practice, located in New York City, offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical options for changing the appearance of the face and neck.

  City Facial Plastics


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