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Kedar Malegaonkar - Photographer

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I started as a graphic designer prior to starting off as a full time photographer. I consider myself lucky to have seen both the sides and understand what it is to take a good photograph and what it is to have a good image. I wish I knew that achieving the exact colors so effortlessly was so easy.
Back in the film days when you had to get your films processed right and then it didn’t just end there –  it had to be scanned to best quality and then the image work to be done flawlessly involved a lot of correct tools.

Where can we see more of your work?

You can view more of me on my website, and also on Behance,


Among your works which one is your favorite? Why?

It’s always a very tricky one for a photographer to answer this isn’t it? But I guess that the answer is, it’s always the one that introduces you to your inner eye, the one that has always tested you to bring out the best in you. One such work is my Graduation Project on Mitsubishi Pajero at the Art School, which I to date consider as one of my purest and most true works! One of the commissioned projects for Mitsubishi Outlander is also one of my favorite works.


To what extent is color important in your graphic charter?

Color is everything!


What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your workflow.

I am extremely particular about the quality that I deliver to my clients – right from the production quality for the shoots to the final image which is delivered. Shooting on a Phase One system, DF+ body along with the IQ260 digital back gives me that advantage. Capture One pro is by far the most advanced and superior support for my RAW files which gives me tremendous control over my images which with the help of Photoshop reach the level of Quality that I desire.

Why did you choose EIZO?

EIZO is a very important part of my workflow. My workflow is not complete without it. I choose EIZO to shoot and when I retouch my pictures and when I need a true rendition of colors in a photograph that I’ve shot.


Where does the EIZO CG318-4K stand in comparison to other products?

EIZO CG318-4K excels in every way. It’s at the very top of all the products. Its dense 149 ppi and wide color gamut, 99% Adobe RGB, is perfect for my high-resolution shoots. When I was making the choice of the correct product, the manager at RSG Solutions (EIZO’s distributor in India) guided me well to choose the correct monitor for my requirements.

When they gave me a demo for the CG318-4K, I was completely convinced of the quality and it wasn’t a very tough choice to make. Why settle for anything other than the best?

When color is science then how is EIZO adding value?

As a visual artist, I am always on a lookout for technology that translates my ideas effectively. And when my art meets the science of color, it achieves another level. EIZO is instrumental in helping me achieve that correct combination.

Does the ColorEdge CG318-4K help make your workflow better? If yes then how?

Definitely it does make my workflow better.

I get the widest gamut!

I get the correct depth!

I get the perfect colors!

It’s the best support for my photography.

How does EIZO integrate with the photography workflow?

You wish to create something that did not exist until you pressed that shutter button. You wish to create something that would last forever. As a photographer or as a visual artist, it just doesn’t end at capturing the perfect picture or creating a perfect image. You need something that renders your thoughts, with the same depth and trueness as you have captured it with. EIZO fills that gap and completes the circle.

How would you portray EIZO in one word?


Your inspiration?

This question takes me back to college days when I was asked the same question during my viva. And today after many years, I am happy that my answer is the same! I find inspiration in any good work floating around, in everything that exists around me –whether it is graphic design, photography, movies, nature, or life.




Case Studies
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